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Obasanjo reveals how he managed diabetes for 30 years

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Former President,  Olusegun Obasanjo, on Friday revealed how he managed diabetes for thirty years.
The 80-year-old former president disclosed that he was medically fit because he, ”religiously kept to his medication and was mindful of what he consumed.” 
He said this during a road-walk organized by the South West Zone of the Diabetes Association of Nigeria (DAN) in collaboration with the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, OOPL, to mark the 2017 World
The former president said, ”I am fit because I religiously follow my medications and watch what I eat and drink. This must be a caution for all of us.
“Diabetes is not a disease that should kill. I was diagnosed to be diabetic more than 30 years ago but rather I am growing stronger.
“If you don’t believe I am growing strong and you didn’t witness this walk, come and see me at night, you will know I am growing strong.
“My headmaster in primary school was diagnosed at the age of 50 and died at age 85; you will agree with me that he tried.
 “What to do is that if you’re diabetic don’t be nonchalant about it and don’t eat carelessly. Three things are important, the food you eat, regular exercise and prescribed medication, those are the three most important things. 
“You can be diabetic and still live till 100. I don’t know when I will die but I am above 80 and many youth could not catch up with my pace during the exercise this morning. Many of them were running after me.
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